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Transforming Wigan has two key principles undergirding everything we do. These are ‘Relationship’ and ‘Leadership’.

To realise such a huge vision we need to bring together the unique gifts and abilities of each and every disciple to provide the movement required. This can only be achieved with a commitment to building strong servant-hearted relationship and leadership throughout the new Church Wigan.

Stronger relationship is required as we look beyond the confines of our parish buildings, services, habits and rituals to the whole of the population of Wigan. We are growing a new sense of being the Body of Christ together in Wigan serving Him, one another and others in a renewed way. We are moving from being a people who “go to church’ to a people who are literally “church to go.” This will mean helping one another to grasp new ways of seeing and understanding the mission and ministry of the Church going forward. It will mean listening and encouraging one another to take the faithful risky steps forward that are now required.

Leadership is a shared responsibility of those called to take on the various roles that require this special servant-hearted ministry. Leadership in our strategy is being renewed in every part of Church Wigan. Our stipendiary clergy are being helped to take on new oversight roles within each of the new Hubs as Hub Leaders or Associates. We are raising up a whole new raft of Local Missional Leadership to enable us to refresh our existing Worship Communities and plant fresh new ones.

In and amongst this we continue to nurture mission-ministries within the leading and growing of the whole Church Wigan. This includes the renewal of our Reader ministry, Chaplaincy ministry, Youth and Children ministry, etc. We are also exploring some specifically targeted posts at the moment to help boost the strategy. One of these is a pilot scheme in one Hub with a post called ‘Hub Engagement Manager.’ Another is some focused interim mission-ministry posts for clergy to help existing parish churches journey through a ‘refresh’ programme to help them shape up for a growing future.

We would love you to be part of the team. You may already be exploring this within your Worship Community in Wigan or you may be considering a new step forward in your ordained, licensed or commissioned role from outside Wigan. If you want to explore this further please contact us and we will follow-up as quickly as possible.